POOIA Student Scholarship Fund

POOIA Student Scholarship Fund

Members of POOIA Student Scholarship Committee, in consultation with POOIA Board Of Trustees, awards multiple scholarships to full-time graduate/undergraduate students enrolled in universities/institutions in the state of Georgia. The scholarship recognizes students who exhibit intellectual curiosity and philosophical creativity. Candidates are also expected to have a sustained record of academic excellence. POOIA Scholarship awards may be applied to the recipient’s tuition and fees, books, or any other academic materials. The scholarship may also be applied to travel expenses relating to participation at research and academic conferences or visiting research centers. The scholarship amount for each student awardee is between $1,000 and $2,000 (fund permitting).


Selection Criteria Include:

Academic Merit, Intellectual Curiosity, and Philosophical Creativity. Students who have overcome obstacles related to health, family, educational or economic disadvantages are also strongly encouraged to apply. Any circumstances that demonstrate strength of character and potential for great achievement should be stated in your application (examples include: professional excellence, community outreach and service, initiative and leadership potential).


Application Materials should include the followings:


o   A short Cover Letter;

o   A Brief Biography (about 150 words);

o   Curriculum vitae (CV) – include contact information;

o   Statement Of Purpose (about 2 pages):

Provide relevant information – such as: your background, current academic

stage/grade/program, short and long term plans (where do you see yourself 5 years from now), a non-technical description  of creative/novel projects/work that you have been involved with achievements so far, community service, obstacles and how you overcame them, …

o   Miscellaneous and/or supporting documents:

Transcript, copy of any awards, …


All documents listed above should be emailed (as attachments) to: [email protected]

In addition:

o   Letters of reference:

Two academic letters of reference are to be emailed directly to: [email protected]

(Important: the letter writers are expected to email the letters to us via their professional email address.)


Deadline:    April 15, 2015

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