Membership Requirements

Membership Requirements

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A. Professional – A professional is defined to be an individual of the highest moral and ethical standing, both as an individual and as a specialist in her/his field, who also meets, at least, one of the following criteria: 

  1. Holds at a minimum a BA/BS degree from an accredited school and has demonstrated expertise with specialized knowledge in her/his field of practice; 
  2. Is an entrepreneur with documented success in managing persons who meet the requirements of Paragraph 1 above. 
  3. In the unanimous judgment of the BOT, is highly likely to contribute valuable knowledge, skills, access, or assets that will assist POOIA in meeting its. 

B. Member – A member is an active or retired professional who meets ALL of the following: 

  1. Has, at least, three years of experience in a professional capacity, or other education deemed by the BOT to be of equivalent weight; 
  2. Has completed and submitted the membership application form; 
  3. Has submitted endorsements (providing the information required by the Corporation) from at least two bona fide active members who are in good standing and who are unrelated to the candidate by blood or marriage; 
  4. Has accepted POOIA’s bylaws, objectives, and code of conduct; 
  5. Is approved by the Board of Trustees; and 
  6. Has paid the applicable fees on a timely basis.

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