Helping Victims

Helping Victims


Family violence is the silent crime that destroys families and leaves scars for generations to come. As POOIA members, it is our responsibility to discretely recognize, bravely confront and lovingly aid the victims of family violence.

By offering education and training to the aggressor and giving support and strength to the victims, we can avoid inevitable future problems such as, mental and emotional health, physical safety, substance abuse, crime and even suicidal thoughts. 



The desire to help the less fortunate is one of POOIA’s cultural cornerstones.  Be it within our neighborhoods or far away, POOIA aims to deliver focused and impactful aid to disaster victims, regardless of geographic location, ethnicity or creed.  We are poised to direct the financial and human resources of individuals within our organization to help communities in need, without incurring administrative costs.  POOIA’s 501C status is impending.

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