Experience Professionals

Experience Professionals

Experienced Professional


Bringing together the resources and experise of individuals will give us the necessary leverage to deploy our energies into meaningful enterprises.  In due time and with a unifies sense of purpose, POOIA can provide a forum for exchange of information, networking, mentorship and social opportunities. 

We encourage seasoned  professionals and entrepreneurs to engage in providing advice and mentorship to fellow members, particularly to the youth population.  Many first generation Iranian-Americans mentorship are keenly aware of the absence of timely and wise guidance. 

As is the case in many academic and professional associations, peer relationships can effect trust and mutual respect, the fundamentals of any successful relationship.  POOIA intends to provide a platform to foster these relationships.



Bringing together the many professional in our community under one unifying umbrella will allow the development of infinite interactions that can facilitate progress. Such unification will invariably better serve the needs of the local, national, and possibly the international community. Members will enjoy social and professional affiliations with other prominent members of the community. With proper organization and in due time, this will foster the exchange of information, promote networking, and develop economic, social and academic opportunities.

A notable and worthy benefit of this orgaization will be the opportunity for experienced professional members to advise and steer the younger generation of professionals. This interaction is often rewarding and an essential component of the future. Many first generation Iranian-Americans did not have the benefit or support of other seasoned peers or experts in their careers.

As is the case in many academic and professional associations, this peer relationship of professionals will serve as a conduit for the establishment of trust and mutual respect. These are fundamental elements for any successful relationship.
POOIA intends to provide the platform to foster this relationship.


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