Our latest Education and Training Plan document


There is a “SEED” in you, discover and nourish it with “Education”. POOIA will assist you on the way.


As a part of its objectives, POOIA is implementing a free education/scholarship program for the benefit of all the community. For the next two years it will include the following:


1. Accountancy: Providing classes on Quick Books accounting software to five individuals every month. This is available for students and business owners.


2. We will have two “Career Selection” workshops for high schoolers, especially high school seniors. This will be done with the help of professors and other experts in many field including:


A. Medicine and Health Care

B. Engineering

C. Computer sciences

D. Information Technology

E. Law

F. Accountancy and Taxes

G. Insurance and Risk Management

H. Architecture

I. Banking and Investments


3. We will have different university style course presentation on various scientific subjects such as:


A. Biology

B. Physics

C. Mathematics

D. Money and banking

E. Economics

F. Information Technology

G. MIS and Computer Science

H. Engineering

I. Bioinformatics


4. For many community members who want to learn a new “skill” or “trade” we will provide courses and hands-on training. The training will cover Plumbing, Electrical and Heating and Air among others.        


5. Every year we will select a few interesting subjects of your popular choice and hold round table style panel discussion. The first four subjects for 2013-2014 will be:


       A. Child development and psychological issues

       B. The new Health Care law and how to benefit from it

       C. United States financial future and how to protect yourself

       D. Retirement planning and Risk management


We ask that you register yourself, or your children, and indicate your interest by clicking  Pre-Register or by emailing us at [email protected] . If you have other training needs please let us know via the same email.


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