POOIA proudly presents: 


Monday November 30, 2015 at 7:30 pm

Zafron Restaurant in Sandy Springs

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The Professional Organization Of Iranian-Americans, "POOIA", is non political, non-religious, non-affiliated, non-profit (501(c)(3), independent corporation of professional Americans of Iranian descent.

POOIA was conceived in the spirit of networking, fellowship and the desire to give back to our community. Although founded by Iranian-American professionals, POOIA welcomes service oriented individuals who meet membership criteria. We love the community that we live in and we desire to return the kindness that we had received when we needed it the most. We tend to invest our resources in activities that have positive impact in our societies, yet are long lasting in nature, such as mentorship, extending education and offering professional community service. 

POOIA is NOT a political action committee, and is not affiliated with political, religious or cultural organizations.


We are headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia


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